Tuesday, October 30, 2007


This post is in honor to my dear friend Alexandrita.

The way he looks at her,
the way they look at each other,
the way you see he is able to do anything for her because he loves her, it makes you fall in love. (don't blame her)

This is the kind of man I'm looking for, good guys, good hearts, good souls, I don't want a cabron. Where the fuck they are??????????

Honey, I really wish I can make it to the Wedding (if you get married after next summer) I'll do best, any way, I miss our nights out, our trips to L.A and our great crew (like Sex and the City) the four of us!

Happy Happy Happy for you and your man.

Enjoy the moment!
With all my love and my heart.

(Ya calmateeeeee)


Charline said...

We are all looking for Yanivs!!!!

Te amiiiiiiiii y ni madres vas a tratar... you can't miss that wedding... He dicho.

Javo said...

te mando otro, mejor que el del post pasado.