Thursday, February 17, 2011

I am all that

This morning i got this beautiful email from the person who help me to change my life... My Guru

Your Achievements since march 8, 2010:
You acknowledged your challenges and fears surrounding food.
You practiced the art of slowing down.
You treated yourself to tui-na
You took a course to improve your business.
You became antihistamine free by our 3rd meeting.
Our outlook improved.
You started walking for exercise in May.
You successfully completed an intense one week blood and liver cleanse.
You've implemented changes gradually.
The movie, the Notebook changed things for you in regard to your outlook on relationships.
You started making better choices.
You’ve become determined to succeed in improving your health.
Increased eating veggies.
Minimized late nite eating.
Started bootcamp in June.
Participated in Daphna Ben David workshop in July.
You LOVE to exercise now
You’ve become very conscious about what you are feeding your body.
You’ve increased your water consumption
You’ve helped your sister become more aware and healthy
You climbed the Himalayas
Your quality of food has improved
Your cravings have subsided
You feel like you are managing to balance your life
You feel lighter
You’ve started waking up early to take advantage of the whole day
You read ingredients
You’ve lost weight
You ran a 10K!!
You succeeded in the 30 day detox
You know how to listen to your body and its needs
You CARE more about yourself and your health
You are amazing!! Kol HaKavod to you and keep it up!

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Charline said...

You are ALL that and so much more... Limmy Lime (your guru) se avento un diez. Lucky to have her - lucky to have you... you are amazing hermita.